4th Annual Tour  -  1999  -  Wales  -  Captain Vincent


Winners: John & Mick  -  Runners Up: Kevin & Paul

Other Parts: Vic & Andy, Gazza & Bazza, Pete & Saint.

Highlights: The Dummy - At The Service Station - At The Reception - In The Bar -

In The Restaurant - On The Dance Floor - On The Course In Gazza's Buggy,

 Most Improved Player - Kevin (Chuffed), Saint On Guitar - Starry Starry Wright.

Captainís Log: Unfortunately Captain Vincent had to withdraw from the tour at very short notice due to work commitments and jetted off to Japan. However he was there in spirit disguised in a dressed up tailors dummy and has never been more popular. His log would have gone something like this: Thank you Paul for standing in for me at the eleventh hour and Pete for picking up the pieces. I did mean to confirm the booking with the hotel before I withdrew and sorry I forgot to sort out the finances and mention the hotel was being renovated.  Never mind  although we had to eat outside in a marquee at least the bar was unaffected! All weekend all these strangers kept on coming up to me and asking how I was, especially that guest relations woman who even wrenched me off my stand and swept me around the dance floor. Saint decided to play me a tune on his guitar and sing me a song accompanied by the chaps, nice gesture. I didn't go out on the Mathern course which I understand was OK, but then that nice Uncle Gazza took me for ride in his buggy around the Old Course on the final day which was a real treat. Sorry it messed up your game Gazza; It wasn't my fault my head kept falling off. Overall we had a really good time and congratulations to John & Mick - winners again and to Saint for drawing 'the Jack'. Finally on a sad note, 3 days and nights with a stand stuck up where the sun don't shine took its toll. It convinced me to hang up my clubs and never go on tour again.