7th Annual Tour  -  2002  -  Essex  -  Captain Pete


Winners: Bazza & Chris  -  Runners Up: Gazza & Brian

Other Partners: Pete & Paul, Saint & Mark,

Andy & Mick, Vic & J C, John & Kevin.

Highlights: Perfect Sunshine, Presents from the Captain, First Two's Pot,

 Concorde Flypast, Girls Handicaps, World Cup 2002, Guest Appearances by J C and Mark.

Captainís Log: After the chaps had got over the disappointment of only getting to Essex rather than Scotland, Portugal or Florida we arrived at Five Lakes and tried to make the best of things. The World Cup added to the fun of the tour although England and Ireland could only manage draws against Sweden and Cameroon respectively. Many thanks to Bazza for the 'lipstick' cross of St George all over my face and head while I was having a power nap in the bar! The Lakes Course was liked by everyone, however the Links Course was at best ordinary and not one to rush back to. Bazza and Chris took stick all weekend for their 'Girlie' handicaps but still managed to lift the prestigious Ali Club Trophy. The evening entertainment centred around a few quiet drinks in the bar and a snooker competition (Bet's Jubilee Plate) which went on forever and was eventually won by Saint & Mark. Having had our own Concorde Flypast while out on the course on the final day, we all went home refreshed ready for the Jubilee Celebrations - that is all except Mick who drew the 'Jack' and was still in shock about being the Captain for the 2003 tour.