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Swingers v Seniors

Belek, Turkey - 2015

First it was a friendly games of Water Polo, on with the swimming caps and grammatically incorrect team shirts. We didn't know Oj couldn't swim, 10 - 4 to the Seniors. Then the beast, Gazza, stepped in for game 2 and a bit of maul and a bloodied nose for Bazza but not enough to stop a 2nd Seniors victory after an hour, 10-9.    1 Point to the Seniors 

Next it was a more sedate game of boules,  1 win for the the Seniors, Pete beat John, but 3 wins for the Swingers, Bill beat Bazza, Andy beat Saint and then Vic beat Chris with last boule. The Captains rested. 1 Point to the Swingers  Match score 1-1

On to the water games - kit back on. Throw your beach ball into the mini paddling pool, then take the surfboard across the pool and don't drop your inflatable parrot baton. After a super propelled performance by Oj and some appalling timekeeping by Andy, an honourable draw was agreed, 1/2 a point each.    Match score 1 1/2 - 1 1/2

So the deciding event - Ten Pin Bowling, fezzes back on and parrots for the Captains.    1st attempt 3-3, so a play off required. 3-3 again so then it was onto the Captains to decide the outcome.....

Victory and a point for Mick and the Seniors. Final match score Seniors 2 1/2 - Swingers 1 1/2.  Captain Oj then presented the Winners medals to the Seniors

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