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Ali Club est. 1996

Minutes of Beer Gathering

held on 14th May 2018 at Ye Olde Whyte Lyon

Present:                                        Pete           John          Andy        Gazza       Bazza       Ojal    Mick           

Apologies:                                        Captain Kev        Vic

First, the good news - Old Vic is coming on tour, beware the injured golfer (with a new higher handicap, awarded by his partner - the new permanent Handicap Secretary Andy).

1. Minutes of previous Beer Gathering

   The minutes from the Beer Gathering on 12th February were proposed as a true record of that Beer Gathering by John and seconded by Ojal             .                

2. Captain's Log:-

   Captain Kevin reported remotely that everything is in order and John has settled the final bill. 

   Pete confirmed the weather forecast is for three days of cloud, 18 degrees, with the possibility of a shower on the Monday morning..

   A reminder of the sleeping arrangements.

    - Andy and Vic

    - Pete and Mick

    - Bazza and John

    - Gazza alone, Kevin alone, Ojal alone

   Pete advised that Mick will get the tour underway, first on the Sunday tee. Vic will have the honour of starting the 800th tour round, also on day 1.

Actions:  Andy to book 6 buggies for the final day, John to settle once there.

Action: Andy to call hotel and arrange for bar extensions on the Sunday and Monday nights, also to check what the restaurant dress code is and communicate through WhatsApp.

3.. Treasurer's Report:-

       John reported that all members should have now paid 660 plus single room supplements where applicable. Bazza paid on the night.

This leaves a balance on account of c.9k

After paying for prizes, lunches, beers etc. We would expect to have c.105pp left over which will be carried forward together with the 420 form previous years. Bill and Saint are both ahead of the game and will have their accounts tidied up by John after the tour.         

4. Handicap Declaration:-

Andy, confirmed as permanent Handicap Secretary, eventually the following tour handicaps :-

     - Captain Kevin 14          - Gazza 16                  - Vic 18                -Pete 18               - John 19

    - Andy 20                         - Mick 23                    - Bazza 26              - Ojal 28                - Casper "random"

Link to Handicaps

5. Trophy Engraving

Gazza confirmed main trophy has been engraved and will be repaired

Bazza confirmed Hawaii trophy is in the process of being engraved but he's not sure where?

On behalf of Bill, Pete confirmed the Swingers trophy has been engraved and will be given to Kevin for safe transporting to the tour

6. Confirmation of travel arrangements..

    - Breakfast at Frankie and Benny's at 9am, then leave at 10am to arrive at the course at 11.30, first tee, Manor Course, 1.33pm.

    - Cars and Drivers

            -  Gazza with Pete and John

            -  Mick with Ojal and Bazza

           -  Kevin with Andy and Vic

7. 2019  Week Long Tour

    - Criteria is 7 nights, sun, c.1,000 budget p.p. all in. 

    - Dates, w/c Saturday June 8th..

    - Although we will have a Captain figure head, our Constitution states that be a consensus view and booked shortly after tour. Numbers are thought to be 10 + Saint as a possible? 

    - Pete and Andy have researched and identified an option of Bulgaria (Light House Golf and Spa Resort). Bazza also presented an additional option of Portugal. Both meet the criteria and the latter may be preferable due to shorter flight and better times. However, Portugal needs some further investigation as the current quote is for half board, too much golf and May dates. May isn't a showstopper but needs to avoid the more expensive half-term week. Turkey is still not acceptable to all members and so has been ruled out along with Palestine.

Action: Bazza to follow up Portugal offer and report back.

Action: All to discuss on tour and choose between Bulgaria and Portugal, with of course the endorsement of the new Captain  

8. A.O. B.

    Don't forget:

    -    Playing Shirts    -    All

        -    Sunday, Ali Club White

        -    Monday,  Ali Club Red

        -    Tuesday, Ali Club Purpley Blue (take note Kevin)

        -    Evenings    -    All

        -   Collared shirts, no jeans or trainers (subject to Andy Confirmation)    -    All.

    -    Trophies

        -     Winners Wine x  2 @ 25 a bottle -    Kevin

        -     Engraved Swingers trophy     -    Bill (Kevin)

        -     Engraved Winners trophy   -    Gazza

        -    Engraved Hawaii cup    -    Bazza

        -    Captain's trophy    -    Pete

        -     Leader Board   -    Pete

         -     9 Yellow Balls  -  John

    -     Electronic or Hard copy Tour Programmes  -  Captain Kev (Olivia)

    -     Speeches   -   Captain Kev

    -     2 Pack of Cards (with Jokers)   -   Bazza

    -     Camera    -    Pete

    -     Money    -    John

           Pete gave an update on the Paul Allen memorial golf day at The Addington on 4th May. No prizes for us but attended by Pete, Vic, John, Mick, Andy, Kevin and Bill. An excellent 2,400 was raised for the Hospice where Paul had been a patient.

9. Future dates for your diary

        27th - 29th May                -       23rd Annual Tour.- New Forest V

       tbc                                    -        Seaford Golf Day

      October t.b.c.            -         Annual General Beer Gathering (AGBG)

  Andy announced the Beer Gathering was closed at 10pm        

                                                                                                                  Pete -  Honorary Secretary 14.5.2018