Ali "

Ali Club

Minutes of Annual General Beer Gathering

held on 22nd October 2018 at

Ye Olde Whyte Lyon, Locksbottom

Present:                              Captain Mick         John               Andy                                

                                            Gazza                   Ojal                 Pete       

Apologies:                           Kevin,                 Bill,                 Vic                Bazza

1. Endorsement of minutes from 14th May 2018 Beer Gathering:-

      The minutes of the May beer gathering were proposed as a correct record of that gathering by Gazza and seconded by Andy as a fine record of that event.

2. Captain Mick's 2019 24th Annual Tour Update :-

        All booked for Belek, Turkey 8th to 15th June 2019

        3 twins and 4 singles

        Easyjet flights booked as follows:

            - 8th June, Gatwick North 15.35, arrive Antalya 21.55

            - 15th June, Antalya Terminal 22.45, arrive Gatwick 01.15.

        Tees booked for 11am ish on the Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Gazza will be arranging additional golf on rest days for anyone interested

        Accommodation costs are 749 for twins and 1,029 for Single (40 a night supplement, total 280), Flight costs are 300

3. Treasurers Report :-

      Last years accounts were presented by life Honorary Treasurer John which showed a balance of 7,445 carried forward which is about 655 per person (x10)  + 895 for Saint. By tour we should all have 1,315 on account (655 + 650),

      Our current bank balance (after paying 750 deposit and 3,003 for flights is c.5,775 which represents various amounts per person which are covered below:

-    Pete, John, Ojal, Gazza, Andy - Paying 55 a month, 275 paid out of a total of 660. Single room supplement of 280 will be payable by Gazza, Ojal,

-    Mick is paying 45 a month and has missed a payment so will be 95 short if he increase SO to 55

-    Vic has a total of 110 this year in the bank, missed three payments so has 165 to pay pre tour - paying 55 a month

-    Bill has a total of 923 c/f so will need to pay 392 pre tour

-    Barry will need to pay 660 pre tour

-    Kevin will need to pay 940 pre tour (660 + 280)

-    Saint has 1,070 in the bank and will have a further 245 by tour - Paying 35 a month , all to be carried forward

4. Confirmation of Officers:-

      Agreed in May 2010 that  the existing officers would be automatically re-instated infinitely, subject to attendance. However Vic has officially stood down . We thank him for his many years of good and always respected service, Officers are therefore as follows:

        -  Honorary Treasurer - John;

        -  Honorary General Secretary - Pete;

        -  Honorary Handicap Secretary:- Andy

        - Honorary Dealer - Bazza

5. Tour Shirts

      Gazza will sort out Tour Shirts and feedback in February on colour options.

      We will all be getting size L except Ojal, John and Vic who will get XL

Action: contact Gazza if you need a different size - All

6. Update on trophy engraving and handover :-

     Mick is holding the main trophy and will get it engraved.

     John is holding the Swingers Trophy which is already engraved

     Pete is holding the Seniors trophy which is already engraved

Action: Pete to take laminated copies on tour to save on luggage.

7. Captain's Christmas Drinks:- 

      Captain Mick reminded everyone that Xmas Drinks will be held at Rafferty's bar on Saturday 8th December.

8. Future dates for your diary

  8th December 2018             -        Captains Xmas Drinks

Beer Gatherings (Mondays 8.30 at Ye Olde Whyte Lyon, Locksbottom): 

          25th February 2019       -       Tour update, draw for partners      

          20th May                         -        Handicaps

         8th to 15th June              -       24th Ali Club Annual Tour.

9. A.O.B.


Gazza announced the AGBG was closed at 9.50pm 

                                                                                                         Puttin' Pete, Honorary Secretary 22.10.2018