7 Years later with 12 of the original 14 on tour plus 2 newbies to boost the Youth

Old Age v Youth 2013 The re-match

9 holes was too much so a 5 hole putting competition took place on a hot Saturday afternoon

Bill beat James - 1 for Old Age

Gazza beat Neal - 1 for Old Age

Vic beat Pete - 1 for Old Age

Kevin beat Andy - 1 for The Youth

Saint beat John - 1 for The Youth

Bazza beat Chris - 1 for The Youth

Mick beat Ojal - 1 for The Youth

So revenge for the Youth, 4 points to 3 and  Captain Mick redeems himself and his team against Captain Ojal after all these years

..And Medals for The Winners, but who's that old git in the background?


7 Seniors, 7 Youths, 9 Holes

Old Age v Youth 2006

Experience v Athleticism




OJ wins by 1 hole              Nick wins by 3 & 2

Kevin wins by 2 holes     Vic wins by 3 & 1

 Saint and John halve   Bazza and Chris halve

After the match is drawn 3 1/2 points each (Stefan, not present, and Gazza shared a point)  it is time for a chip and putt off between the Captains (oldest member v youngest member)


oops ! - where you off to Mick ?

 and the winning scene

Time for winning Captain Hawaii OJ to celebrate

... and then with his "old" team

...and commiseration time for losing Captain Youthful Mickey No Mates. What no team?

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