Over the years I've built up a reputation for dishing out handy tips both on and off the course.

Whether you need advice on that swing, your posture, your equipment, etiquette or rules of the game, I'm your man. Just follow my words of wisdom and your handicap will soon come tumbling down and you'll find that round of golf so much more enjoyable.

But your problems might not be limited to golf. I've probably got a few tips for you on any number of other topics as well, marital problems, sexual diseases, drug abuse, alcoholism, dietary control, dress sense, personal hygiene,  investment opportunities or world affairs. You only have to ask.

 The only subject that is strictly out of bounds is football - I know absolutely nothing about that! 


So don't be shy, or put off by my picture, complete the form below and press send. I will be totally discrete and personally respond to you by e-mail within 48 hours. Alternatively if you would prefer a one to one call, enter your telephone number and I'll surprise you with one of my many famous accents - Cockney Irish,  Cornish Welsh or Asian Brummie, to name but a few.  Only the funniest and saddest problems will be published on this site at a later date. Finally if you'd like to play a round with me - 'cos that's when I'm best at giving out my big handy tips,  just mention it on your form. 

And remember, there is no charge for this service - I just love helping my fellow golfers.


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