9th Annual Tour  -  2004  -  Forest of Arden  -  Captain Kevin


Winners: Kevin & Gazza  -  Runners Up: Stefan & Pete

Other Partners: Nick & Chris, Hawaii Vic & Mick,

John & Andy, Bill & Bazza.

Highlights: Rough, rough, rough; terrible scores (well 10 players out of 12); Gazza's triple G & T's;

Kevin's putt to Bazza "tended" flag - 8 foot from hole; first sighting of gay golf society; pay per view;

 Gazza's two ball bunker shot; Chris not getting to play the yellow ball once; Kevin cleaning up;

 first Captain to be a winner; first Captain to draw the Jack through a telephone link-up; Guest appearance by Stefan


Captain’s Log: Report awaited up to 200 words please………


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